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If you want to excel at golf and be a good golf player, you have to prove yourself and not just get an average point lower than 80. While it is admirable to possess outstanding skills to play a great game of golf, you may also need to look at golf in a different perspective in order to be a successful all-rounder in golf, towards your intention to be a good golf player in time.

To excel at golf, there are three aspects you have to master:

- Fitness and vitality,
- Practice,
- Decorum or etiquette.

- There is nothing quite like maintaining both your physique and mind in order to be a good golf player. You are advised to take good care of your body and ensure that you are fit enough to perform optimally on the golf course. This also helps you to enjoy maximum pleasure playing golf especially as you advance in your age.

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You can attain optimal fitness by consuming the right food and exercising at recommended intervals. Cardiovascular health and muscles should be boosted to match the requirements in the game of golf. You can rely on indicators like blood pressure and the Body Mass Index (BMI) to learn how fit you are physically, and if you are on the path of being a good golf player. Always check with your physician about the optimal levels according to your age and type of physique.

Don't stop learning about the game. If you want to be a good golf player, you should realize that merely knowing how to play is not enough. Do take note that you can learn something handy so why not sign up for a class or train yourself with a better player? Do this yearly and if you keep at your endeavors, as well as your desire to improve your golfing skills, you will definitely be a good golf player, better than the previous year.


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13/04/2020 09:19
Golf is a game that has been there for a very long time. This particular game is actually very simple to play because it needs little effort to play. Understanding how to play golf is very easy because it has very few requirements. All you need to do is go for training on how to play better golf....

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13/04/2020 09:18
We all have one golf professional that we look up to, and it is normal to want to know more about these golf players and learn from them. finding out more about your favorite golf players can certainly improve your enjoyment of the game. It can also help you pick up some great tips from the pros...

- It is wise to draw up a steady practice schedule. You should realize that practicing more and playing less will garner you more positive results in terms of scores. The more you practice the more techniques and muscle recollection you will hone and indirectly help you to be a good golf player.

- You should practice twice more often than you play. For example, if you play one hour of golf, you should take the initiative to practice double the time. You need not do all this in the same 24 hours. You are recommended to alternate your practice days and golfing days in order not to overexert yourself. - Book Tee Times 24/7

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